Friday, April 25, 2008

Jimmy Fallon in late night?

I've long been a Conan O'Brien fan, but I'm wavering. Now we get word that Jimmy Fallon will take Conan's place when Conan takes the extremely unfunny Jay Leno's place? Eek. Sure, you say, Conan came in with low expectations as well. But Conan was a writer, so we didn't know what he would do as a performer. Fallon was on Saturday Night Live in front of the camera and as a comedian he makes a great 13-year-old, slightly creepy boy.

But on to the late night shows in general. It's hard for some people to believe that David Letterman was once extremely funny and extremely innovative (said the guy with not one but two photos of himself with the late Larry "Bud" Melman). And Jay, as a guest on Dave's show, was also funny. What happened to these guys?

I've been Tivoing Conan for a long time now, as he has been my favorite late-night guy (said the guy who wears Andry Richter's bathrobe), but he's fallen into that predictable state that only the writers' strike got him out of temporarily.

The funniest of the late nighters?

+ Craig Ferguson. He monologue is a twisting, looping, goofy masterpiece.

+ Jimmy Kimmel. Unnecessary censorship on Friday nights is a must-see.

+ Conan. I'm still hanging in there with you, but you're dropping down my list.

+ Jay Leno. He steals bits from the old Letterman and is mean, but I admit it is fun to watch him make idiots out of idiots on the street (a bit that everyone steals from Steve Allen).

+ David Letterman. His old NBC show was my holy grail of funny. Now he's just some odd old dude who used to be funny, used to be mean, used to be interesting. For old time's sake I still Tivo him on my secondary Tivo...

+ Carson Daily. Will someone give this guy a sandwich?

In the words of Kinky Friedman: "Is there anyone I missed?"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

'Emily' graduates...

Her real name is Elizabeth, but in my hospice-set novel-in-stories Evacuation Plan, she sort of is Emily, a young girl on the verge of being kidnapped. The real story is I spent a couple of hours talking and playing with Elizabeth when she was a little girl so I could get the voice right for the character in this story. Congrats, Elizabeth!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Want a free copy of 'Evacuation Plan'?

I've decided that it's easier to do book talks than it is to do in-store signings. The photo above is my view toward the front door when I signed at Barnes and Noble-Round Rock recently. Getting people to stop and talk is a challenge when you're at a table oasis in a bookstore. It's much easier when you have a captive audience at a talk!

I got a nice surprise from this new review. If you follow the link you can also leave a note for your chance to win a FREE COPY of my book!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nicholas and David: chillin' in the crib

Nicholas' favorite books (though he may be outgrowing them) are the Diaper David series. I always wondered when I'd find Nicholas in this fully standing pose in his crib. Today's the day!

Is Elmo the new David? Nicholas sure loves the little red monster...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

He's one year old today!

The birthday boy went straight for the presents.