Sunday, September 16, 2007

Da-Da goes to Waco

It was a sweaty, fun night in Waco. I met up with Paul and his pal who drove in from Dallas. Some nice Baylor fan gave us two free tickets as we were about to go buy some. We wandered to the Bobcat section to cheer on the school that shall forever be known as Southwest Texas State. The game was forever close, as you can see from the 21-14 score in this photo as Boko the Bobcat mascot gets a ride through the stands after a Bobcat TD. It seemed the night was ripe for an upset, but Baylor passed at will and foiled an onside kick with little time remaining to take the game 28-20. As one Baylor fan said as we walked back from George's where we got a beer at halftime: "We suck." It's the second time in recent years (the other two years ago against Texas A&M) that the Bobcats seemed poised to upset a Big 12 team.

I came home to discover that Nicholas has learned to say (repeatedly) "Da-Da." Fortunately he repeated it for me this morning.


Lorie said...

Holy moly, Batman! Your little guy is racing ahead! Audrey has just advanced to grab-feet-and-insert-toes-into-mouth feats. I guess with her mouth full she hasn't had much opportunity to work on stringing together consonants. :)

Joe M. O'Connell said...

I saw a five-month-old holding her own bottle the other day while her older sister watched! I think that may be the result of having a lot of kids, so the young one has to fend for herself!

bevo said...

heh, had to get a google account just so I could giggle at your attending a Bear game--and that Baylor won.
I am watching your baby grow with all the interest of a pseudo auntie.
With talk like a pirate day coming up, maybe he'll learn to say Arrgh!

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Hey, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day today? ARRRR! My boy has gone asunder (actually down for his nap).

Send a copy of my book to your pal Margie, the most powerful woman in publishing!

I hope to go back to Waco soon to watch Texas do something mean to them. But by then all of the Texas players may be in jail.

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