Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The high and mighty Nicholas

We bought the rapidly aging Nicholas his first high chair this past weekend. Once we spent a few days figuring out how to put it togeher, we slipped him in and let him play with the accompanying toys that are supposed to get him to like it before we start with a little solid food--that's coming tonight!

After six months of nothing but mother's milk, we have also started substituting one bottle of formula a night. The poop is no more stinky from the change so far, but give him time.

Nicholas measured a whopping 28 inches tall at his six-month doctor's appointment, making him in the 95 percentile for height. I expect him to tower over me one day.

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Lorie said...

Hey there. The biggest stinkier-poop culprit in Audrey's food canon is prunes. She loves them, though! Warning: don't give carrots and prunes in the same day -- too much fiber for little digestive systems, yow! Oh, and check out the book/website Baby Bargains. They do a sort of "consumer report/review" on all things baby-related, including formula. Did you know formula is federally regulated? The difference between a $25 can of Enfamil and the $11 can of Target brand is only the label -- the ingredients are the same; they're mandated by law.