Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ah, our boy is growing up. Eight months old and counting (plus biting).


Lorie said...

Audrey's got her same two bottom teeth now, too! She's also just gotten the hang of picking up small pieces of toast or a cracker or sticky rice blobs and putting them in her mouth all by herself. She's so interested in this new ability, that she'll ignore her bottle or me feeding her other stuff with a spoon. I like watching her enjoying and practicing her new skill. :) She's also bouncing on all fours a lot and creeping/scooting around on the floor. How about your little sweetpea?

Hope your holidays are swell. Ho ho ho!

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Lori, Sounds like Audrey is doing great! Nicholas has made major changes in the last two weeks--he sits up all the time for play and is doing both pushups and lifting his knees up some. I see the bouncing thing, too! I think we're both on the verge of having crawling then (gulp) walking babies soon. Better get to houseproofing!

No finger foods for us yet, but I think it's time!

I hope your first Christmas with the little one is great!--Joe