Monday, May 26, 2008

Surviving the book tour

Going on the book trail is an often odd and interesting experience. You never know where your book will sell well or what kinds of stories you'll learn along the way.

This past week I was in Waco to sign at the Barnes and Noble. I didn't have high expectations, particularly when the manager didn't even seem to know I was coming and the flyers I hand-delivered in advance were nowhere to be seen (they were later found in the back, but never posted.).

But it ended up being a good day, both for sales and for finding the cultural center of a town that the guy at the counter, a retired high school drama teacher, informed me had been declared the worst place in the country to raise kids. It seemed more friendly and wise this day.

Oh, and the dog in the photo? He's the true survivor. Look closely in the photo and you'll note the woman holding him has a cast on her arm. Seems she was grabbed a fews days earlier by two men as she was getting in her car. They shoved her in the car and took off. She opened the door on the moving car and skidded across the pavement to safety. The dog stayed behind, but was later found safely in the car. OK, maybe Waco has a little bit of work to do yet...

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