Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Variety drops the ax, punches out the Dude

Dude? Dude!!!

I should say up front that I used to free-lance some for Variety, but made inside the building only once. But this news is bizarre:

Read Anne Thompson's blog for info on how critic John Anderson punched out "The Dude," aka film rep Jeff Dowd, during the Sundance Film Fsstival.

Worse news? Variety sacked Thompason, one of the most respected film industry writers out there. Not for this blog item, but because the times they be tough. Also gone is Texan Mike Jones, who should promptly move back to the Lone Star State and make a great movie to spite them. Here's more on the layoffs from Nikki Finke.

It's once again the story of cutting off your arm to improve your posture. Getting rid of the name people who bring you the news will not help you to make more money. Try giving them a raise and cutting at the corporate level. You'll see better results.

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Stacie said...

Joe, I am definately interested in your novel. I also have many Hospice stories...I worked in Hospice and am now a volunteer. Thanks for letting me know about you and your book!