Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our little monkey turns 2!

Nicholas turned two this week and we celebrated at my sisters' place with monkey cupcakes from the Czech bakery in Taylor. Elmo is history for Nicholas, with Curious George and anything with a motor replacing him.

Adding to the excitement, on Nicholas' birthday, his cousin Ben Johnson was born!


Monkeys are always funny. That's a fact.

My sisters gave Nicholas this Curious George tea set. He had high tea with a rabbit.

Nicholas will be sharing his birthday--not his monkeys!--with this little critter below who shall be known as Ben Johnson.


casey said...

Happy birthdays! I had a special special in honor of the event!
then clmbed a tree...

casey said...

By the way, what are the similarities between a monkey and a truck?

(Ans: They both can climb trees, except for the truck.)