Saturday, October 2, 2010

'My Generation' adds to Texas TV jinx

Austin-shot My Generation became the second show of the new TV season to be canceled. The first was Dallas-shot Lone Star. Do we have a Texas TV jinx? At this point Dallas-shot and Texas-set The Good Guys and Chase survive, but neither is pulling in great numbers. It's more likely networks are too quick to pull the trigger and viewers rely on their DVRs and are thus less likely to latch onto a new show.

For my taste, Lone Star was a keeper, but I haven't yet been able to make it through an episode of dull, dull, dull My Generation.

While Dallas-shot Chase is looking like a survivor, The Good Guys (also shot in Big D) is in clear danger. Consider the week two ratings for My Generation: 3.9 million viewers and a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating (whatever that means). The Good Guys' in its second week on Fridays is way down from its summer numbers with 3.2 million, 0.7. Danger! Danger! Warning!


Katherine Willis said...

NO! We don't have a Texas jinx! Wit FNL's 5 years and a slew of other successful shows (Prison Break, etc.), Texas is a boon to the industry.

Anonymous said...

Each of these series that have been canceled in Texas may have lasted longer if they would stop casting stereotypical characters. You would think they would wake up and realize this. I have auditioned for each of the new shows and seen who they have cast and don't feel sorry for the show if it fails. It's not about who the best actor is or who had the best audition it's ONLY based on the stereotype they are looking for. I'm not bitter but I can smell what's cooking and could care less anymore whether Texas shows make it here or not. "My Generation" was boring and cliche so it didn't last but any Texas actor could have filled that roster. So much for L.A. talent being so great because they couldn't save any of these failed shows. These directors and producers need to start giving Texas talent better roles than these silly day player roles. Until then keep sucking wind for all I care.