Thursday, April 14, 2011

David Koresh says 'Waco' still swirling

That's actually John Leguizamo, who is set to portray David Koresh in Waco, the movie about the seige on Mount Carmel near Waco. In an interview this month, he describes the film as "still in the development process." Recent reports had it filming soon in Detroit utilizing Michigan's film incentives. The cast--if this controversial film ever gets made--is expected to include Kurt Russell, Adrien Brody and Sharon Stone.


Katherine Willis said...

I wonder if there is concern on the production-side regarding Texas' incentive loop-holes. Fascinating story. I met a man on set who was part of the ATF raid on the compound.

Anonymous said...

David Bana would be a better David Koresh

Joe M. O'Connell said...

The latest word is it's Giovanni Ribisi as Koresh. Though it seems to keep coming close to filming (last I heard in Michigan) then nothing happens.