Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'Tree of Life' gets Oscar noms

Yes, Smithville-shot The Tree of Life got nominated for best picture, best cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki) and best director Academy Awards. Will director Terrence Malick show up? Did Bridesmaids really get a screenplay nomination and Life didn't? That's another story...

Oh, and Brad Pitt got nominated for best actor--not for Life but for Moneyball.

Oh, and Belgium film Bullhead was nominated for best foreign film. Why should you care? Austin's Alamo Drafthouse's distribution arm snapped up right to the film and will distribute in theaters soon. Party at Tim League's house tonight, right?

Oh, and good to see high-school-football doc Undefeated up for best documentary. I saw it at the South By Southwest Film Festival and loved it.

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will said...

The reason Tree didn't get a screenplay nomination is bc as far I could tell, there wasn't one! That movie sucked! If the Oscars had an award for Self Indulgent Arthouse Bullsh*t, it would be a shoe-in!