Friday, March 23, 2007

Bridge to parenthood

I saw a few really good films during the South By Southwest Film Festival. My favorite was Skills Like This for it's humor, honest and drive.

But the best film I've seen lately is Bridge to Terabithia, which I went into with no preconceptions. I hadn't read the book. I'd only heard enough of a review to have a vauge idea it would be worth seeing. I only went because of the two films showing at the historic, inexpensive and very cool Howard Theatre in Taylor near my house it was the most promising.

I was blown away.

Trailers for the film try to make it look like some Narnia-esque fantasy romp, but it was far from that. Instead it's about arty outcasts who develop a friendship based on their verdant imaginations.

I'm about two weeks or so from becoming a Dad, and this was a welcome reminder to think with the open, swirling mind of a child. I'll try to remember...

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