Thursday, March 29, 2007

What got cut from my Chronicle column...

Uh, you might be confused by my FILM NEWS column in The Austin Chronicle this week.

Here are the twp paragraphs that got cut for space:

The Alamo Drafthouse has quickly developed a history of its own in 10 years. The Leagues fresh from a failed theater venture in Bakersfield, CA, opened the movie/food/drink experience as a venue for second-run films. Karrie handled the books and hired the staff. Tim was in charge of programming and marketing. That changed when they took over the former Village theaters, and it changed radically when they sold the franchise rights, retaining the downtown, Village and South Lamar theaters.

"We're still filmheads," League said, assuring patrons that events like Fantastic Fest and the Rolling Road Show will continue. Oh, speaking of the Rolling Road Show, expect this year's summer vacation edition to begin and end in Texas while traveling 8,000 miles across this great nation. Confirmed screenings include Deliverance on that thar river mentioned above, and Goldfinger at Fort Knox. How cool is that?

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