Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nick goes to the eye doctor

We finally got some answers on Nicholas' mostly closed left eye after a trip to the opthamologist yesterday. He's got ptosis, a condition where the muscle for the eyelid doesn't quite work right. If it doesn't clear up by the next appointment, they may have to tighten the little muscle that pulls the lid up. We were very glad to hear there is no real problem with the eye itself, so he shouldn't have to wear the glasses I've propped on him for this photo...

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Anonymous said...

What eye doctor did you go to? We need one for our little baby who has a blocked tear duct. I googled "Opthamologist Austin Baby" and your blog came up several times! Crazy, huh? Thought you might find that interesting.

Anyway, if you could recommend a good baby opthamologist, please email me at