Friday, March 13, 2009

Texas Film Hall of Fame

I got out my crappy camera for some star gazing last night. You can read my article about it in the Dallas Morning News here.

I don't think this photo quite conveys how strange Brendan Fraser's hair is (it looked like he'd just had a weave removed). No, he's not a Texan, but he introduced one. Who is that Beastie walking past him?

Billy Bob is now an official Texan. Here he is with Dennis Quaid.

Connie Britton won the hotness award of the night. She is much younger looking in person than on Friday Night Lights (both the movie and the TV show).

Powers Boothe is graduate of the school that shall forever be known as Southwest Texas State.

Larry Hagman was joined by both his real-life wife of 55 years and his Dallas TV wife Linda Gray.

Friday Night Lights stars Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (you know from Fletch) and Brad Leland.

Director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen).

Thomas Haden Church did a hell of a job as emcee. I interviewed him by phone once and found him to be very down to earth.

Kyle Chandler, the coach on Friday Night Lights, with his very attractive wife. Secret fact about him? The coach smokes cigarettes.

Keith Carradine, a presenter and non-Texan, is still easy.

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