Tuesday, February 2, 2010

True Grit extras casting call!

Here's the official info you've been waiting for, cowboys:


The film shoots in TX (Austin area, including Granger & Blanco) during March, April & May of 2010.

Looking for reliable people to portray looks specific to the 1870's and 1900. Start growing your hair now!

Seeking: Unique "character" faces. We are most interested in people with natural features.

HAIR NOTES: If you want to be considered- start growing your hair now!
Women should have long hair that is not colored in anyway- no highlights, full head colors or semi permanent colors. Men should have some length, especially on top. Crew cuts are not suitable- as the hair will not have time enough to grow. Men should grow their facial hair, incl beard, moustache, sideburns.

BODY TYPES: People from this time period did not have modern enhancements- meaning they did not have braces, implants, etc. They weren't weight lifters- people worked hard, but not in a gym. Body types were most often average to slim. Women will be wearing corsettes and long dresses.

OTHER: We are most interested in people willing to work more than one day. Looking for responsible people w/ flexible schedules. 10 years of age & older. All minors must have consent of parent/guardian & must indicate date of birth. If you don't have a resume- please list any performing/background experience you may have.

TO SUBMIT: There are two ways to submit. Preferred is in-person (ONLY on dates, below)! If this is impossible, you may submit by mail. Follow instructions below.

In-Person Interviews: (bring legal form & copy of id) SEE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!
Austin Studios
1901 East 51st. St. (Red Bldg)
Austin TX 78723
- Thurs, Feb 4 11am - 7pm
- Fri, Feb 5 11am - 7pm
- Sat, Feb 6 11am - 7pm

Austin Studios
c/o Extras Cstg / Debbie DeLisi
1901 East 51st. St. (Red Bldg)
Austin TX 78723

SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: Headshot & one page resume, if you have them. Also, you MUST include CURRENT SNAPSHOTS (face & body). List all pertinent contact information, incl your place of residency & anything else we should know about you. Remember- THIS A PERIOD FILM. If you want to be considered- it's best to send us a natural, current photos (no makeup or glamour). All submissions are non-returnable. Incl age, height, weight, measurements, etc. List any scheduling conflicts (4/23 - 5/26). Preference will be given to those w/ flexible schedules. If you want to be considered- start growing your hair now!

Families & TX residents encouraged to submit.

Extras Casting Director: Debbie DeLisi
HOTLINE: 212-330-9357
texascasting2010@gmail.com (Submissions will NOT be accepted via email. Email address is for general inquiries only)


Anonymous said...

How do you get a crew job for True Grit

Joe M. O'Connell said...

I haven't seen a listing. I'd call the Texas Film Commission and ask them about it...