Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeff Bridges with his 'True Grit' eye patch!


Some late-breaking photos from the recent True Grit shoot in Blanco at the old courthouse. Big thanks to the local who sent these along. (I did not take them. They were shot from across the street from the set where locals gathered to watch the filmmaking process.) They also offer the first photographic evidence that Rooster Cogburn's eye patch does indeed make an appearance in the film. With Jeff Bridges here is newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, who portrays Mattie Ross in Joel and Ethan Coen's version of the story.

(For a lot of photos from the True Grit set in Granger, including these from the hanging scene, take a look at my recent posts.)


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't he look fatter?

Anonymous said...

where the HELL is his cowboy hat? I believe what jeff is wearing was called a "chamber pot" back in the day. Also, his eye patch is on the wrong side.

charles said...

WOW What a MESS, why did some fool let this happen? to allow a un-capable actor like Jeff Bridges to play such as Rooster Cogburn only a role John Wayne could and did play to just ruin a movie as True Grit that guy needs to be fired!!
What a Shame!!!

Charley Meckna

Barabbas said...

WOW, Lay off the man, geez. So it's on the wrong eye. Who the hell cares?! That's so trivial. If you want the same movie as the original, then watch the damn original. Relax. And Jeff Bridges as an incapable actor is about as simple minded as your using the word un-capable which doesn't exist. Good work.