Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'True Grit' goes to court in Blanco

Joel and Ethan Coen'sTrue Grit arrived in Blanco this week as Granger tries to deal with the layer of dirt the film set applied to its brick street. The shoot at the old Blanco Courthouse is only expected to take a couple of days. Already, the locals are lining up to watch what they can (probably not much since shooting will be indoors). The Uptown Blanco Restaurant across the street is offering extended "movie fan hours" through Wednesday to allow fans to eat and drink and star watch.

Thanks to the kind reader who forwarded on this photo of the courthouse extras arriving Tuesday.


Eden Newman said...

It was sad to see Jeff Bridges so secretive. There were only about 20 people there to watch, most of them members of the Blanco community. I was there Mon, Tues, and Wed all day. They filmed scenes outside on Wed (just the men walking out of the courthouse) and had had the extras and horses outside- that was interesting to watch. The Coens (who I was there to meet) were very unassuming, but very rude at the same time (at least Joel was, I did not get a chance to interact with Ethan at all). I was able to get Joel's autograph when I happened to be walking by as he was on the main street on Wed. As he was siging, I asked him how he liked filming in Blanco. He mumbled and walked off. He clearly did not want to have anything to do with me- wouldn't even look at me. It was very disappointing to someone who is such a huge fan.

I would understand if there was a huge, rude, pushy mob, but that was not the case in Blanco at all on any of the days- very few people, all very quiet and polite- respectful fans... Very disheartening to see my film heroes not give two shakes about their fans. After I got Joel's autograph, one of the producers saw that it was on a call sheet copy from producer Scott Rudin- They sent someone to snatch it from me promptly. As Joel came back up the street, I said ,"Mr. Coen, they just took the autograph you just gave me, May I please have another? It really meant a lot to me." He mumbled something and brushed past me. (I was the only one on the street both times we "met")... It mad me so sad.

I visited with a few members of the crew, and they were very friendly. They shared my sentiment that since they were filming in such a small town and there were so few people that they should be a little bit more friendly to the fans and the people who live in Blanco.

I heard that Hallie Steinfield was very friendly. She gave autographs and visited with everyone the first day of shooting. She is young and appreciates the fans. I hope this does not change. Whenever she saw me with my camera, she smiled and waved. She seems like a very sweet girl.

All in all, I wish I had never gone to Blanco to try to meet my film "heroes", the Coens. I liked them much better when I never met Joel and just imagined how nice and friendly they would be. Now I don't think I am even a fan anymore. Isn't that terrible?

Anonymous said...

Joel and Ethan are busy working around the clock and are under a lot of pressure directing a massive crew. You should respect their space and leave them alone. They are not there to socialize.

Contrary to the directors' schedule, Hallie has more downtime.... But she is young and this is her first major role. She will eventually learn to protect herself from fans that want to suck the time and energy out of actors.

Don said...

"fans that want to suck the time and energy out of actors" ?? Pfff. Calm down.

Polite people are polite, rude people are rude.
End of story.

Anonymous said...

I agree that's pretty terrible. You'd think since they love filming in Texas so much that they'd at least be nice to the Texans!! Sounds like THEY should respect us in OUR space when they are occupying it! smh