Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey author, Learn to write a really bad query letter now!

Literary agents are catching on that writers are slowly driving them insane via weird and wacky query letters.


tom verkozen said...

Hi Joe,
Loved your 'Evacuation Plan' ... and your merriment regarding dumb and dumber query letters. Maybe you can save us from death by worthless query letters as my writing partner and I are about to begin the query process on a hospice novel. Can you recommend a literary agent or two who might not fear death?
Austin rocks!

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Tom, I don't know that I have recommendations of particular agents. My only advice would be to attend agents conferences in your area. They're the best way to pitch your book directly. In my neck of the woods, the Writers League of Texas has a conference every summer like this.

Good luck!--Joe

Tom Verkozen said...

Thanks, Joe ... the SF writer conference slipped by ... damn ... so I'll search out some others.

A touch of persistence: We still hold the hope that if you thought of an agent or two with an interest in hospice ... maybe you might recommend? Would be lovely!


Tom Verkozen said...

Joe,thank you for your response. The SF writers conference (is that different from an agents conference?)slipped by. I will take your advice and travel to the next 'quality' agent gathering ... any suggestions on that?

Any other thoughts?

Again, thanks ...


Joe M. O'Connell said...

Tom, I wish I had a magic agent name for you, but I don't. With my book I found the whole topic of death to be a tough sell. I ended up selling it directly to a publisher.

The San Francisco conference is definitely the big one in your area, by the way!

Sorry I'm not more help.--Joe