Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Open Gate' shoots in East Texas

Bob Hudgins of the Texas Film Commission passes this along from The Hollywood Reporter about an indie film shooting in East Texas:

Tyler Hoechlin and Agnes Bruckner are starring in the indie film noir, Open Gate, directed by Dan Jackson and produced by Molly Mayeux, which has begun filming in Atlanta, Texas.

Hoechlin plays a rodeo clown and bull fighter in a small East Texas town, who discovers that the bulls are being used to traffic drugs.

The film is being produced by A Certain Film Prods. in association with Dahlia Street Films.

Lots more about the film here.

Jackson is a graduate of St. Edward's University, where yours truly teaches creative writing.

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Ralph Dittman said...

I have just seen an early release of OPEN GATE. True to form, it’s a winner. Dan Jackson is a genius. I had read the script, and had my doubts. But I had seen some of Dan’s earlier works, and knew he had the magic. True to form, Jackson turned the script into a compelling and super entertaining story, mostly with one-take shots. OPEN GATE is operatic in its scope. Like a production of Carmen, it deals with the life and death issues of life – love, friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, family, etc. but in an uplifting, common, colorful setting. This is a true winner. The young standout stars like Henry Dittman, Agnes Bruckner,and, especially the lead Tyler Hoechlin should be proud of their work in this production. Bravo, well done!!!