Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rick Schroder in Austin-shot 'Meet Jane'

UPDATE: On Location Casting says word on a series pickup could come as early as mid-February. The pilot is officially wrapped as of today.

OK, this one totally slipped past me in the holiday rush: Rick(y) Schroder is in the cast of Meet Jane, the Lifetimes series pilot that recently shot (it was still in production yesterday, actually) in Austin with Molly Parker as the lead.

The show is about "Jane Bilinski (Parker) whose stale life as an unhappily married mother of two daughters in the Washington, DC area is suddenly re-energized and empowered when the FBI enlists her to spy on her husband (Schroder), a computer technician the government suspects is selling top-secret information to Russia."

Here's what I wrote about the show in early December.


Anonymous said...

Retread of another washed up actor but hopefully the series gets picked up! I wonder if they will learn from all the bombs from the past year and give Texas Actors more meaningful roles than day player roles and stop casting just stereotypes as well. Guess I won't be holding my breath. Fight Texas!

Katherine Willis said...

I've always loved Rick Shroder - especially during his tenure on NYPD Blue.

To Anonymous: There are Texas actors cast in recurring/supporting roles on the pilot. I've never experienced the stereotype prejudice that you wrote about. It's been my experience that if you have the range and ability, the opportunities come knocking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katherine that's good to know I hope that they do offer those roles but I will believe it when I see it. Just because you haven't experienced it this last year doesn't make it untrue. I have. I'm not some green wannabe, I've been at this awhile and see what they are casting. It's a joke. So you can save the sanctimonious speeches. Obviously something doesn't smell good since none of these series have lasted past a season or an episode for that matter. So I say enough with the supposedly high and mighty L.A. actors and give us Texans better roles because they aren't bringing it any better than we could. If you disagree then keep drinking that koolaid.

Katherine Willis said...

Hi Anonymous-Unfortunately, intentions can get lost in emails/comments and the like. It was never my purpose to be self-righteous. The nature of television is that even if a show is GREAT (FNL fought for its life EVERY season, Lone Star was a critical darling and was canceled after the first episode), slow ratings can kill it before it has the chance to take off. We're fortunate to have television and film projects come to Texas - even if the television projects don't become the next big hit and are canceled. As a matter of fact, Joe wrote an article about the economic boon it has been to Dallas and Austin. To counter your diatribe about poor casting opportunities, Texas talent has been cast in guest starring and recurring, supporting roles in every series that has come to Texas. If your issue is with the quality of roles, that's the nature of the beast. Some parts/writing is AMAZING, others less so. It's clear that we are both passionate about what we do, thus passionate responses. Keep you head up, keep at it, the opportunities WILL come (which is what I previously wrote, which you misinterpreted). I could write SO much more about what it means to be part of this industry, the ins-and-outs of "the business", but I think I'm already pushing my "comment" limit.