Friday, January 7, 2011

TNT's 'Dallas' looms, but will it shoot in Big D?

Still no word on where the TNT reboot of Dallas will shoot and how much of it will be actually in Dallas. The last word I had was incentive-rich Louisiana and New Mexico are very much in consideration. This from today's Variety is interesting because it makes clear production is not very far away:

"If summer sensation Rizzoli & Isles came as a pleasant but somewhat unexpected surprise to TNT, Dallas won't have that luxury.

The iconic series is receiving a Turner reboot as production on the pilot begins in only a few months. At the Television Critics Tour in Pasadena, TNT-TBS programming chief Michael Wright told Daily Variety that expectations remain extraordinarily high, but he believes writer Cynthia Cidre has offered a compelling updated scenario to capture auds not familiar with what made 'Who Shot J.R?' a national catchphrase.

'I don't want to give away the plot, but she found something authentic to business and to Dallas that allows them to trade on the same dynamic of the super wealthy,' Wright said. 'Dallas was always something of an Upstairs Downstairs paradigm. If it wasn't the rich and poor, it was attitude – entitlement versus a populist point of view. This covers all that.' "


Helen Ginger said...

One one hand, I wonder if a show like Dallas will be a hit in this economy. On the other hand, perhaps it will provide a distraction in this economy. I can't get cable where I live, so I won't be watching it. It will have to be definitely updated. I used to love Dallas, but I see clips of it now and think, man, that was a cheesy show.

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Helen, It will concentrate on the kids of the original show grown up. Some of the original actors will make cameos--perhaps even J.R. Ewing himself!