Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alex Jones kills 'Two and a Half Men'?

First his tirade led to Machete being denied Texas film incentive bucks, now Austin access TV/internet radio kingpin/conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has apparently led to the end of the top-rated TV show Two and a Half Men after walking-disaster Charlie Sheen came on Jones' show and went off on Men creator, Chuck Lorre. The show is now shut down for the season. Somebody give Alex his own TV series. He'll have Oprah retiring before you know it. Wait a minute... Do I smell a conspiracy?


Todd said...

Ah, good old Alex Jones. I heard him on the Charlie Hodge show defending Sheen, saying he wasn't high and has been sober and exercising.

Anonymous said...

This the same man that a few days earlier went on a tirade about how evil Justin Beiber is and how Justin Beiber is corrupting the youth and emploding the society, did Beiber get caught with drugs and hookers and porn stars locked in his closet? No Charlie Sheen did, this hypocrisy alone is enough expose alex Jones as CORRUPTED!

Anonymous said...

This is pro NEW WORLD ORDER propaganda. Todd and Anonymous, you both need to go do your own damn research or read a dictionary. INFOWARS.COM