Monday, February 28, 2011

Photos from the set of 'When Angels Sing'

Thanks to the lucky person who made it onto the set of When Angels Sing in Bastrop this past week and granted me permission to post these photos. In the photos you can see Willie Nelson, Connie Britton, Turk Pipkin and--if you squint--director Tim McCanlies.

Connie Britton chats with tall guy Turk Pipkin, on whose story the film is based.

Willie talks to the crew.

Willie Nelson peeks out at the set.

Willie strides into the action.

That's Tim McCanlies in the blue shirt and khaki baseball hat in the middle facing the camera.


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

boss57man said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pics. Willie is a wonderful man. He is a person I have longed to meet and still have not had that opportunity to do so. Tell him I said HI. Thanks again for sharing ur pics of them.

Anonymous said...

This was the most awesome set with the most awesome crew and actors to work on as an extra! (and I've worked on a lot)

Unknown said...

What street is this?

Joe M. O'Connell said...

No idea. A friend took the pix, not me.