Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UT audience gets sneak peek at Linklater's 'Bernie'

Jack Black on the 'Bernie' set in Lockhart.

Word on the streets is John Pierson's Master Class at the University of Texas had a big treat last week: a full viewing of Richard Linklater's upcoming film Bernie. My tipster says the film starring Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine is impressive. Linklater said we should look for the movie to premiere at a film festival soon.

Based on a true story as chronicled in Texas Monthly, it also stars Matthew McConaughey as the district attorney out to nail Black in the title role of Bernie Tiede for the murder of MacLaine as wealthy widow Marjorie Nugent.

My source sez Linklater indicated the film had fought for financial backing and ended with a slew of executive producers (aka investors). Financing has been a continuing problem for Linklater, who of late was reported to be circling a remake of The Incredible Mr. Limpet in exchange for financing for more of his 12-year project, which should be, what, in year eight now?

There are also rumblings about Liars (A-E), Linklater's almost adaptation of screenwriter Emma Forrest's book about a breakup that semi-mirrors her real-life one with Colin Farrell. Telephone-tosser and producer Scott Rudin recently said the project is still alive and may yet be made. In 2009, changes at Miramax reportedly killed chances for the film.

Here's a description of that project, which was about to shoot a while back before financing collapsed: "Liars (A-E) follows a girl who’s so swept up by President Obama’s supposedly perfect marriage to Michelle that she travels across America to the inauguration."

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