Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Corpus Christi' coming to Austin this summer

I wrote last year about Richard Kelly's plan to shoot a film called Corpus Christi, which is, of course, set in Corpus Christi, Texas. Looks like the latest from the Donnie Darko director will film there some but primarily in Austin this summer, my sources confirm. Why Austin? The movie shoot is being financed by Robert Rodriguez's Quick Draw Productions.

Edgar Ramirez is set to star as "a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran named Paciencia 'Patience' De La Rosa, who forges a strange friendship with his boss Ralph Salverson, the wealthy and politically ambitious owner of a supermarket chain."

Don't expect many more details from the filming given Rodriguez's love of having anyone who comes near him sign a confidentiality agreement, but maybe Mr. R. will be too busy with his own projects. He announced during SXSW that Machete 2 would start production this month and Sin City 2 should--finally--shoot this summer.

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