Sunday, April 22, 2012

David Gordon Green is indeed shooting 'Suspiria'

Um, let's make this clear: I'm not saying the June shoot is Suspiria. I have no confirmation of that. I am saying I don't know that it's not Suspiria. Got it? OK.  Read on...


As we told you the other day, new Austin resident David Gordon Green is shooting in Bastrop (about 30 miles from Austin) for three weeks in June. We guessed that it might be his remake of Suspiria, and that may have been a good guess. Green's folks and Crime Scene Pictures have announced that the remake of the famed Dario Argento film is a go for September. Is this time in Bastrop an early shoot for the film or something altogether different? Will it all shoot in the Austin area? Stay tuned.

Oh, and Natalie Portman had been attached to the project in the past, but the similar ballet-world setting of Black Swan may well have changed that. But then Portman is set to star in two films (Knight of Cups and Lawless) from Green mentor and Austin resident Terrence Malick.

It would mark a return to Austin for Portman, who was last here to shoot Where the Heart Is more than a decade ago. That is assuming Malick isn't shooting more scenes of his two films in Austin. Knight of Cups is slated to shoot this summer and Lawless in the fall. Lawless is about the Austin music scene. FYI: Given Malick's ability to keep his projects hushed in the past, some even believe that his two upcoming film projects actually may be one film disguised as two to throw off folks like yours truly.

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