Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long-awaited "Night in Old Mexico' gets greenlight

UPDATE: A major casting call in Brownsville is making it clear the bulk of filming will be in this border town. (This blog post is even mentioned in the local paper.) And it appears Todd Allen's Presidio Pictures is involved in this one.

Bill Wittliff (Lonesome Dove) has been trying to get his script for A Night in Old Mexico before the cameras for so long--dating back to at least the '80s--it's become a legend. Actor Robert Duvall has been pining to star in the film for years. It looks like it's greenlit to finally happen this month in Texas.

The story is about an older man whose ranch is being foreclosed on. He heads with his grandson to Mexico, where they end up in a whorehouse.

It's set to shoot in both Austin and Brownsville (*though at least one reputable source has it entirely in Brownsville) with Spaniard Emilio Aragon directing.

In her book on the Austin film scene, Chainsaws, Slackers and Dykes, Alison Macor talks about how Clint Eastwood was approached in the '90s to star and the late Dennis Hopper was once tapped to direct with Duvall as the lead.


Philip Goetz said...

Took how many years for Red Headed Stranger? Filmmaking ain't easy.

Doug said...

According to my friends back in my hometown, they are filming scenes in Rio Hondo Texas (today 7/28/12). It's a suburb of Harlingen Texas, and Harlingen is about 30 minutes east of Brownsville.

Just and FYI.

Doug said...

Just heard from old friends that today (7/28/12) they are filming scenes in the town of Rio Hondo (my hometown), TX. It's a suburb of Harlingen, and Harlingen is about 30 minutes east of Brownsville. (Rio Hondo is on the other side of Harlingen from Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

It was filmed in Rio Hondo. (my hometown) as well.