Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'Red Wing' to shoot in North Texas

Will Wallace will direct the film Red Wing in Dennison Whitewright, Texas, starting on July 16. Why should you care? Well, if one-upon-a-time teen heartthrob Luke Perry as a star doesn't do it for you, consider the Malick factor.

Terrence Malick originally developed the story, and his Sunflower Films' mate Ed Pressman is producing the film. Wallace has had roles in Malick film's including The Tree of Life, The Thin Red Line and The New World. Oh, and Wallace is Malick's stepson.

Given the Malick connection, I have no clues as the story, except for the casting notice.


Anonymous said...

The movie is being shot in Whitewright, Texas
I believe shooting is beginning next week

Anonymous said...

Filming began today in Downtown Whitewright. With 4 weeks of shooting ahead in and around Whitewright.

Anonymous said...

I tried finding this Wallace guy on Facebook. Found a page for his acting class, which is well done except it looks like they haven't been posting in a while. Seems that he has website for the class also (although poorly done), but is not promoting the film. Couldn't find any other social media profiles for him or the movie.

Not sure how they expect to get people interested in seeing it without marketing. Looks to me like they need to hire someone to do some serious social media promotion! Maybe they spent all their money on Luke Perry!!!

Carpx2 said...

The movie is also introducing Breann Johnson as the lead. Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher, Joelle Carter, and Glen Powell play rominent roles. Social media outlets are forthcoming.