Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Austin screenwriter sells soul on eBay

Screenwriter Carrie Crain knows how to promote her work. The Austin scribe recently finished her screenplay Souled about a woman who sells her soul on eBay. Naturally, Crain is now selling her own soul on eBay, and the publicity stunt seems to be working. Yesterday it quickly shot onto CNN's radar.

But, alas, the listing was quickly squashed by the eBay police, even though the starting bid was a mere $1,000. And there is precedent, with similar soul sales taking place on eBay at least twice according to what I found on a Google search. The previous souls weren't as expensive, starting at a bargain basement 99 cents. Crain promised the winner of her item a spiritual certificate of authenticity, something we all could use.

UPDATE: Crain's listing is back in a form perhaps more agreeable to eBay. Check it out here. She already has her first bid.

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