Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cowboy Pickle, Part II

Nicholas fell in love with this black cowboy hat on first sight, providing further evidence that he is a country boy (he has a major thing for trucks).

He'll be getting surgery at the end of the month to correct the ptosis that makes one of his eyelids droopy. Updates as this gets closer. I know a lot of people end up here after googling about ptosis, which is essentially a weak muscle that lifts the lid. The procedure is supposed to be very simple, but that doesn't keep us from being anxious about it.

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Will Howard said...

Enjoyed your "Evacuation." I'm compiling a bibliography of "Texas Historical and Literary Blogs," and yours is one of those. I'll publish it as the August issue of my "Will's Texana Monthly." Can we email on the matter. Thanks, Will