Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kyle Henry's 'Fourplay' come out

Fourplay, the long-gestating project from filmmaker Kyle Henry is about to get its controversial (we can only hope) first peek.

This just in from Austin filmmaker to watch Henry:

Fourplay, the quartet of short films about sexual intimacy that I'm directing (and that Carlos Treviño and Jessica Hedrick wrote), will launch this week with the premiere of the first installment "San Fransisco," on Friday, July 9 at OUTFEST in Los Angeles.

For more info about the film and its availability on-line via distributor IndiePix after next Tuesday, July 13, visit our website:


And if you want info about future play dates, parties, and much more, like our Facebook fanpage:


Hope you are having a great summer!


Kyle Henry

Oh, and you can watch a trailer for the "San Fransisco" segment here and Henry's film blog is here.

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mtailor said...

About this new short "Fourplay". Everywhere on the internet where there is a review of the film or any mention of it, they keep using the term "transvestite". Surly they must know how offensive that is in the Transgender community ? (get out of the 80's) And is'nt about time to stop showing us as prostitutes ? You mean to tell me that there was no other vehicle for the plot. It's old and it's an over done cliche. I have not seen the film yet, but i plan too next week. but after reading the reviews i have a sickening feeling there will still be as the director put it, " a dearth of adult work dealing with the full range of sexual expression" I mean really.... another tranny prostitute story. And told by a gay man. really ? apparently the "t" in LGBtQ is silent. And the actor (a gay man) who plays the trans prostitute has already come under fire for his insensitive offensive stereo typical portrayals, theft and objectification of another culture. He is the kind of person who would be performing in blackface, but african americans have clearly demonstrated that they don't stand for that bullshit. Everyone (even gay men) understands the political incorrectness of that, not to mention the heat it would bring. But I guess Transgendered women are still the "whipping girls" in the straight and queer world. With no voice loud enough (not yet) to bring serious consequences for objectification we are still easy targets for cheap thrills and bad cinema. Sometimes I wonder... when our day finally does come,.. will there be anyone left for us to look down our noses at ? who's narrative will we co-opt for our amusement and easy cash. Who will we objectify and marginalize to feel better about our selves. Who will be our whipping girl ?..... (no one! this bullshit ends here!) I totally understand that gays and lesbians have been the target of these same abuses for centuries, so why cant they see how they are treating the new sexual minority with the very same lack of sensitivity. Here's a thought: Why not produce a body of work and let actual transgendered people tell their stories in there own words. And maybe reach out to the many trans folk who are now, and have been their entire lives positive role models who have lived their lives with dignity, courage, and tremendous grace under pressure. All that against a relentless barrage of hatred and denial. We are heroes and heroines in the truest form. (people who triumph against incredible odds) That used to be the essence of good story telling and great cinema. But only from those film makers who had the guts to do them. Who had the fearlessness to speak truth to power, and the inspiration and genius to remove themselves from the narrative, let the story be told, and the truth speak for itself.