Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Lone Star' dumped after one episode?

I saw the pilot in Dallas at the Studios at Las Colinas where it's shot, and it looked fresh and promising. Apparently I was one of the few people who saw it. The Hollywood Reporter says the first episode's ratings were so low that it's almost assured of being canceled immediately. This despite major efforts by Fox to get interest percolating early.

THR sez: "The ratings for Star were so bad that there was no silver lining to find on this mushroom cloud. The 4.1 million total viewers who showed up was a shockingly low number, especially given it had a strong lead-in from the season premiere of "House," from which its audience tumbled 68%. 'Those are Friday night numbers on a Monday night premiere,' said Brad Adgate, a veteran TV analyst with Horizon Media. 'That's a nice cable audience.'"

Entertainment Weekly wonders if the pilot episode is waiting on many viewer's DVRs: "Given how competitive the first night was for the 2010-11 TV season, there’s a good chance that many viewers recorded Lone Star so they could watch the ultra-addictive Dancing with the Stars or the CBS comedies live instead. On top of that, viewers are still in the sampling stage; its too early for anyone to commit to new shows. Fox recognizes that viewers need time to find Lone Star, which has the added benefit of being popular with the TV critics."

Is the show worth saving? Yes. But will Fox give it a chance? Stay tuned.

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