Thursday, February 8, 2007

All-documentary film festival

What sort of films do reviewers flock to at film festivals? Documentaries. Why? They have a natural story arc that makes them a safer bet than a lot of fiction features from first-times (say that three times real fast).

That's why the announement of the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton on Labor Day weekend is intriguing. They're busy raising funds, and one way to help is this event:

"On February 23rd, Texas Filmmakers will host the 2007 Golden Era Gala at the University of North Texas Gateway Center. This is the first attempt to raise money through more traditional ways for non-profit
corporations. The event is themed after the Golden Era of Hollywood Cinema and guests are encouraged to dress for the period. Guests will hear from the Texas Film Commissioner, Bob Hudgins; the Dallas Film Commissioner, Janis Burklund; and AFI-Dallas Creative Director, Michael Cain. Then the real fun begins
with the 19-piece big band, Foo McBubba. Brave Combo will even come by later in the evening to perform a song off their new album."

Tickets are available online at

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