Monday, February 5, 2007

Neil Stone chimes in...

Neil wrote to comment on my Dallas Morning News column about incentives. With his permission I throw it out for discussion:


You obviously don't understand the politics involved. You're "beating a dead horse".

What Hollywood wants and is getting (quietly) is partnerships. The incentives are just the "tip of the iceberg". Many of the productions in other states are partially to totally funded by local people or organizations that share in the profits and therefore the production companies take little to no risk.

From what I'm aware of in Texas (especially Austin) is that hardly anyone is willing to "put their hand in their pocket" and put up their own money. Everyone here wants "a free ride".

I've been in this business since 1972 (with 25 years in Hollywood & New York) and when I talk to the studio heads and production companies there, they all say the same thing; "it's fun to come here, there's lots of free labor and the people are nice but..."

It's going to take more than just incentives from the state to bring the business here.

I work here but most of my business ends up in L.A., N.Y. or Tokyo.

Take a "peek under the tent" and see how it really is.

N. Stone

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