Sunday, February 4, 2007

Horror in Houston

Joe Grisaffi dropped me a note about his new horror flick Dead of Knight, which is shooting in Houston. He describes it as: "The spirit of a cursed medieval knight is accidentally released in present day. The spirit must complete a deadly quest to be released from the clutches of the evil queen who holds him captive, and to be reunited in eternity with the lover he once betrayed."

It stars Jerin Julia as Marla, Brandon Hearnsberger as Jaxson, Christie Guidry as Cynthia and Dimitri Kouzas as Walker. Co-starring are Sara Gaston, Dan Braverman, Anne Quackenbush, Alan Hall, Kyle Greer, Tiffany Grant, Celeste Roberts and Wayne Stevens. The screenplay is written by Emilio Iasiello. The movie is being produced by Grisaffi’s company, Starship Films, LLC.

Grisaffi’s casting company Southwest Casting handles the audience for Judge Alex and Cristina’s Court. And you can go to the Web site to register to be an extra on the new film.

Dead of Knight is expected to be released on DVD in May, 2007. Grisaffi's previous film, Laughing Boy is available on Netflix and at

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