Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Change in date/location for big film bash

The monster film party organized by producer Robin Blesch, owner of WPFG Studios and creator of the Wolfpack Film Group has been moved to Sept. 12 at 501 Studios.

She says, "The building (formerly) chosen has an expired occupancy permit, it took too long to get a new one, and the busy schedule of Omega Broadcast made a reschedule there impossible. They are still supporting with some cameras and equipment.

"The other thing that must be stressed is that this party is not open to anyone, only film professionals and other people invited. There is a guest list, and people wishing to attend must get on the guest-list by indicating their interest and filling out the application form. We are managing the guest-list on our end. People who just show up at the party will not be able to get in. All of the details of the party can be viewed here:

"We will have some live performers, show off some high quality local film work, show off some brand new technology, film, live switch, and stream live over the internet for all who cannot attend. There will be a live show of filmmakers working with on set editing creating the video that will be included on our press release. We are giving away door prizes too, including FREE day with the new RED ONE camera and full support package, a $1300 value. The package is graciously provided by Director of Photography Michael Morlan and Austin Film Tools."

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