Monday, August 10, 2009

George Romero Returns to Fantastic Fest!

Here's the skinny from Tim League:

First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this most recent Fantastic Fest update. We've been hard at work for months crafting the feature and shorts lineup as well as the daytrips, outings, panels and special events. We have one more content announcement scheduled for Sept. 7 and already we have some truly AMAZING titles confirmed for that release, so hold tight.

Currently we have announced GENTLEMEN BRONCOS on Opening Night, ZOMBIELAND, George Romero's SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, and DAYBREAKERS. Most of these shows will be at the Paramount Theater on opening weekend. Hearing 1000 people gasp in unison during the "unclogging" scene in ZACK AND MIRI last year, for example, was priceless. We'll have more gala events coming soon as well as details on those mentioned above.

In 2007, Fantastic Fest was honored by the presence of one of the true masters of horror, George A. Romero. Now, two years later, we are thrilled to welcome back the undisputed champion of all things undead for his latest blood-drenched thrill ride, SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD.

When the idyllic retreat of Plum Island falls victim to the zombie plague, a new breed of clan war breaks out. On one side is the camp who want to exterminate all undead with a wickedly diverse array of brain-splattering headshots. On the other, devoted family members take the stance that "zombie-ism" is a disease, the undead have rights and they must be kept alive until a cure is found. Unable to simply "agree to disagree," the two clans go to war and make their island microcosm a whole hell of a lot bloodier.

Raise a glass of scotch, ladies and gentlemen, and toast the triumphant return to Texas of one of the few working legends of cinema, Mr. George A. Romero. We'll start off the show with a collection of vintage Romero trailers followed by a Q&A after the screening with the master himself.

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