Sunday, August 16, 2009

Waco newspaper axes Ted Nugent

Cox recently sold the Waco Tribune-Herald and the new owners have made two interesting changes: they added "In God We Trust" to the newspaper's masthead and now they've sacked Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, who now lives in Waco, as a columnist. Apparently they want a more "conservative" editorial page. The Nuge, who is straight-out libertarian in my mind, I guess has been deemed a damn hippie. I agree with very little of what the Nuge stands for (except Cat Scratch Fever, I've got a bad case of that), but sure seems silly to muzzle a celeb who is nothing if not entertaining and who surely was paid next to nothing.

My theory? The Nuge is in favor of dancing, and we all know about those Waco Baptists.

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Anonymous said...

sWe will miss Ted's Column, it was about the first thing we read each Sunday. He was just "telling it like it really is". I suppose some of the colorful adjuctives could have been elimated but it sure got the point across. Plus it you didn't like its tone--go to the next article.
Ted, you must find another print sourch & let us in McClennan Co. TX know where to find you.