Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kyle Henry explores 'Fourplay'

Kyle Henry (Room) is one of the most interesting and creative people toiling in the Austin film scene. He's been working on a fascinating project, Fourplay, that continues that trend. Essentially four stories exploring the role of sex in our lives each set in a different city. One of those cities is Austin where filming is underway with P.J. Raval behind the camera. The script is by Austin playwright Carlos Trevino and New York City actress Jessica Hedrick.

Henry says his influences for this film include the works of Ken Russell and Nicolas Roeg. It's essentially a series of shorts that Henry will likely meld together into something larger.

Here's a fairly recent piece about the film in Indiewire (which doesn't mention the Austin shoot) that declares this film as "one to watch."

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Helen Ginger said...

How interesting. I think it would be cool to go see a film made by an Austin filmmaker.

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