Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The death of the leaper

Austin used to be the kind of place where we valued our graffiti as art. I don't mean just any scribbling. I'm talking Daniel Johnston's "How How Are You" frog on the Drag. I'm talking the female stick figure who jumps to her death on the side of the Stokes Parking Garage at 12th and Guadalupe. On each floor the beskirted lass tumbles, twists and turns. Years ago her final landing was painted over. Recently the entire artwork disappeared under dull brown paint. Color it one more sign of the Dallasization of the weird Austin of yore, which has turned into a T-shirt slogan (one stolen from Red, the guy who actually coined Keep Austin Weird. Hey, Red!).

What's worse? Few people seem to have noticed. I scrounged these photos off the web as posted by the few observant. Long live the leaper!

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