Friday, August 17, 2007

Writers League of Texas

A great night Thursday speaking to the Writers League of Texas about Evacuation Plan. Despite a pouring rain, about 40 people showed up to hear me read from the book. David Zuniga of Hospice Austin again spoke briefly about hospice and the evening ended with some lively discussion. Because of a mixup about getting the book in stock at Barnes and Noble, I was allowed to sell the books directly myself, which allowed me to give a portion of the proceeds directly to Hospice Austin. I was able to hand David a check on the spot. I, of course, forgot to take photos of the event despite having a camera in my pocket. So you get a pic of Nick and book instead.

A couple of interesting developments in the evening:

-- I was asked to speak to the San Gabriel Writers in January.
-- Diane, the president of the Writers League of Texas, suggested that the book would be a perfect choice for the Austin mayor's book club. Anyone want to email him and push that idea? Anyone know, ahem, Oprah?
-- The eveming was filmed for the Writers League access television show that runs on Time Waner Cable. Look for it soon.

Also this week, the first book club signed me up to speak to them. Bring on those requests!


Lorie said...

Hey there. Have you heard of The Loft up in Minneapolis? They're a writers organization -- check out their website, you should be able to Google it. I just signed up for a 12-week class on essay-writing b/c I got so fired up from cruising their website! They have all sorts of writer events; maybe they'd be interested in an event related to your book? I'll keep my antenna up when I get up there at the end of September.

And, hey, don't y'all ever put shirts on Nick? -- all your recent pics seem to feature him shirtless! Ha ha. Who knows, though? Perhaps he's going to grow up to be the next Fabio and grace cover after cover of romance novels...?

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Hey, I'll have to check out The Loft! Send me info when you get up yonder. Thanks, Lorie!

Nick is a hot-blooded boy who doesn't seem to like the clothes too much other than his sleepers for nap time. The boy will surely start yanking his diapers off once he figures out how!