Thursday, August 9, 2007


Nicholas skinned this teddy bear and made it into a hat. No, it's actually the softest bib in the world and a present from Judy. Thanks!

Grabbing the footsies!

Thanks Tim and Martha for the giant firefly. It is in the top five rotation of the Nick Toys--with a bullet. Warn the teddy bears!


Lorie said...

Hey there, Joe. I'm the other producer on Kat's "jumping off bridges." I check out your site here once in awhile, especially since we had a baby daughter within about a week of y'all having your cutie pie! Congrats on your book release, too.

Just wanted to share: my pediatrician recommended I get a topical analgesic cream called LMX-4. It's over-the-counter (and pricey!), but you have to ask the pharmacist for it. If you apply it to Nick's leg(s) a half hour before his next pediatrician visit, and wrap that leg in plastic (don't rub it in) until it's time for the shot -- the cream should numb the leg sufficiently. Hope it helps with the yelps. :)

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Lorie, Thanks for this info! I remember meeting you on the "set" (otherwise known as a park).

Nicholas suffered for a full day after his four-month shots. He ran a low fever and was very cranky. We'll try your suggestion with the six-month shots.

I looked at your blog and your girl is a sweetheart (and what hair!).

We should compare notes. I know that my wife had a lot of the same issues that you did with breastfeeding--it's not easy.

I'm about to come home to take care of Nicholas as she goes back to work. Should be interesting!