Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Surviving the Friday Night Lights heat

I'm still recovering from spending much of Monday on the set of Friday Night Lights for an upcoming Dallas Morning News article. I visited the set last year as well, but this time the operation had gotten fancier. I'm always amazed at how much access the show allows and how friendly they are. Trying to get on the set of a motion picture can be an ordeal, and the result is mainly tedium.

AT FNL's football set in Del Valle, I wandered through the coach's office and the locker room with the only concern that I didn't get in the way of the camera. Much of the day was spent on the field where I saw "Smash" take a real-live hit. It was loud. Kudos to the actor who didn't need the fake sweat they sprayed on him. The EMS guy on hand said the players drink endless streams of water this time of year and never have to pee. I downed five bottles in the time I was there and came home with a lovely sunburn necklace.

Want some secret info? Kyle Chandler may leave for a college coaching job, but he quickly returns to fictional Dillon where his new baby is portrayed by triplets. Oh, and the nerdy redhead joins the football team. Read the rest in the DMN soon.


Stacy said...

What? The nerdy redhead joins the football team? He's my favorite, well, one of my favorites...I'm so looking forward to the new season!

Joe M. O'Connell said...

Hah! He's actually a very nice guy and one of the few Texans in the cast. He's also a whole lot shorter than I expected! But that's true for a good portion of the cast...